Gergely Vass: Bedtime story from the round forest

Everything is inviting you to sleep in this tale. The sleepy inhabitants of the forest, the

Always Snoozing Bunny, the Dozing Fox Dude and the Sleepy Bear Buddy, and even the

wanderers of the sky, the resting Sun along with the lazy little fluffy clouds. Its only the

Little Forest Boy who woke up refreshed, but even he is lulled to sleep by the end of

the long and eventful day.

From dawn to dusk, the Little Forest Boy and the animal characters of the cumulative

tale walk the woods round and around the beautiful round clearing. the purpose of

their journey is to be together, to take a long walk, and fall asleep in the end, just like

the children listening to the tale.

3990 Ft
3390 Ft
Kedvezmény: 15%
Szállítás: 2-3 munkanap
1 db
ISBN: 978-615-5417-87-0

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