Sale! Bernáth József: Édes emlékek anyukámtól
József Bernáth: Sweet memories from my Mom
József Bernáth: Sweet memories from my Mom Most of the time, it’s harder to find reliable recipes for the easiest cakes. I was lucky, as my mother served freshly baked cakes with every lunch and passed on the recipes for her children too. With this book, I hope to provide some help for those without this privilege. In this book, I share 54 classic recipes of sweet and salty cakes, prepared just as we remember our Moms and Grandmas baking them. In addition, I will share some practical tips necessary to bake the perfect cakes. I trust every sweet-tooth and everyone hoping to recall the sweet memories of their childhood to make good use of this book.   ISBN: 978-615-5417-42-9 Year of publication: 2018 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 248 Size (mm): 193x244 Weight (g):  950 Language: englishElőrendel
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