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Tamás Bereznay: One-pan recipes
What do you need to make something quick and delicious, and in one frying pan? You certainly need a professional frying pan, a chopping board, a knife, and last but not least, 50 mouth-watering recipes created by Tamás Bereznay, BOOOK Publishing’s gastronomic supervisor, host of the TV show ‘Butchers’ and author of many internationally acclaimed cookbooks. Whether you’re a hesitant beginner or very advanced in the kitchen, swear by traditional fare or more modern cuisine, the Hungarian chef’s latest book contains both easy-to-make, cool dishes designed to please men and more homely dishes, perfect for welcoming guests. The recipes also feature enticing photos of the dishes. If you are a little uncertain about cooking, this book is still the perfect addition to your shelf. Finally, the author advises you on how to make cooking practical and enjoyable – even with just one frying pan. ISBN: 978-615-5417-34-4 Kiadási év: 2017 Kötés típusa: paperback Terjedelem (oldal): 112 Méret (mm): 210x245 Tömeg (g): 500 Nyelv:  hungarian
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Sale! Rita Hadarik: Gluten free
Rita Hadarik: Gluten free
A new book has been published as part of the health-conscious series of Boook Publisher which puts the gluten-free diet and lifestyle into the limelight. The author, Rita Hadarik, blogger of Rita konyhája (Rita’s Cuisine) and developer of gluten-free flour. She now presents exciting new ways to learn the basics of a gluten-free kitchen. Our book, “Glutén nélkül” (“Gluten Free“), includes “plenty of delicious meals from traditional and successful recipes so the reader can indulge in the health-conscious basics of nutrition”. The 80 recipes, divided into different meal categories, could not only mean an alternative for  planning the everyday dining for people with gluten sensitivity, but could also mean inspiration for those who strive to have a well-balanced diet. Even though, he primary message of the book is the harmonic organization of gluten-free nutrition, we also indicate the other allergens and calculation of nutritional values. Another special feature of the book is that it focuses on the psychological aspects of gluten sensitivity and it aims to help with accepting difficult life circumstances due to gluten intolerance.   ISBN: 978-615-5417-28-3 Year of publication: 2016 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 192 Size (mm): 195x250 Weight (g): 600 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Szonja Márk: Cakes from the Édesem patisserie
Szonja Márk: Cakes from the Édesem patisserie
Cakes, cheesecakes, brownies, pastries, cakes and ice creams – 60 seriously modern homemade desserts, sometimes served with a twist. The caramel weeps, the chocolate melts, the whipped cream slowly collapses, the cake is moist and the meringues crack. Can you feel the warmth of home, as if you were just going into your granny’s kitchen, with the aromas and flavours you know well? Wait a minute! When would you make a pie with olive oil, tarts with mascarpone or chocolate puffs with Chinese five spice? Proven recipes from the Édesem patisserie that have been tried and tested hundreds of times, which work well and are easy to make at home, from quick to slow, from beginner to advanced. Everything prepared with high-quality ingredients, fresh fruit, real chocolate, butter and cream. No food colouring or artificial additives!   ISBN: 978-615-5417-26-9 Year of publication: 2016 Cover: Geltex Number of Pages: 184 Size (mm): 195x235 Weight (g): 600 Language: hungarian
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Sixteen popular Hungarian artists, 16 restaurants and 16 gourmet vegetarian recipes. Anna Bede, with three years’ success as the author of Vegasztronománia now talks to actors, singers, writers, media figures and chefs about the vegetarian way of living. The interviewees discuss why – or simply why not – they cut meat out of their diets and how this shapes their lives, health and energy. Numerous interesting things emerged in the friendly, informal Vegetarian Budapest conversations. In addition, everybody tells us about their favourite restaurant, which provides the recipe for one of their meat-free dishes. Interviewees: Tamás Bereznay, Péter Dorogi, Juli Fábián, Péter Gusztos, Veronika Harcsa, Géza D Hegedűs, Csaba Herczeg, Orsolya Karafiáth, Patrícia Kovács, Gergely Németh, Anna Oláh, Miklós Paizs, Bori Péterfy, Johanna Rieger, Kristóf Steiner and, of course, Anna Bede. ISBN:978-615-5417-22-1 Year of publication: 2016 Cover: open spine binding, cardboard cover Number of Pages: 168 Size (mm): 250x240 Weight (g): 600 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Tamás Bereznay: Hungarian Dessert Book
Tamás Bereznay: Hungarian Dessert Book
Voila, here is an authentic cookbook in English focusing the desserts, the field that is more and more interesting amongst the fans of the Hungarian cuisine. Hungarian Dessert Book is a real delicatesse: it offers 75 beautifully illustrated recipes on 176 pages, and 20% of them will be warm dessert typical for Hungary. Tamás Bereznay pays attention to working with Hungarian ingredients that are specials but in the meantime that can be purchased all over Europe. Those who are curious what a Hungarian housewife makes of poppy seeds, nuts or cottage cheese will be surprised while turning the pages of the Hungarian Dessert Book. Tamás Bereznay’s popular book had two editions and won the Best Chef Book in Hungary 2016 of the Gourmand World Cookbook Award. ISBN: 978-615-5417-17-7 Year of publication: 2016 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 160 Size (mm): 190x245 Weight (g): 600 Language: english
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Sale! Ildikó Bezselics: Seeds in the kitchen
Ildikó Bezselics: Seeds in the kitchen
66 quick and healthy recipes ‘Seeds in the kitchen’ present a new approach for the keystones of the conscious nutrition, such as legumes, oil seeds, cereals and pseudo-cereals. A balanced vegetarian diet can’t be compiled without them that are important ingredients of the diet for whom who suffers from diabetes, insulin resistance or who wants to eat without lactose or gluten as well. Despite all of that, all three books contains recipes with meat. Healthy diet doesn’t mean we have to give up meat eating, it is not only for those who left it out. Consciously applying the natural healing effect of the ingredients we are able to create a balance of our nutrition which is the basis of our health and well-being. This three books aim at giving instructions about that field. The first volume is about the role of legumes in healthy diet. ISBN:978-615-5417-16-0 Year of publication: 2016 Cover: hard board Number of Pages: 176 Size (mm):  230x270 Weight (g): 600 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Ambrus Krisztina: Viszlát, laktóz!
Krisztina Ambrus: Goodbye, lactose!
Healthy lactose-free recipes The number of people who suffer from food allergy or food intolerance largely increased in recent years. Finding a new way to live and a new diet to follow is a huge challenge for them. They don’t know exactly what they are allowed to eat, cook or what ingredients they shall buy at the supermarket. This cookbook was written for those who were diagnosed with lactose intolerance or milk protein allergy. The author has been suffering from lactose intolerance since her childhood. In her early years she had to face the challenge she couldn’t eat a piece of cottege cheese dumpling without acut emergence of umpleasant symptoms. This book was produced in order to help her readers who share in the same illness to rediscover the joy of cooking and eating instead of penance. ’Goodbye, lactose’ is the second volume of the BOOOK Publishing House’s health conscious set. ISBN: 978-615-5417-11-5 Year of publication: 2016 Cover: soft cover Number of Pages: 176 Size (mm): 200x210 Weight (g): 460 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Szabolcs-Gyuris Éva – Szabolcs András: Fánki Főö
András Szabolcs – Éva Gyuris-Szabolcs: Funky Pho
Funky what...? The adventure of a young married couple, who return to Hungary after many years of globetrotting, to open a Vietnamese restaurant in the heart of Budapest. It causes some difficulty that they’ve only been guests at restaurants, that Vietnamese dishes are unknown in Hungary, and that their baby was born in the very middle of building their business. However the Funky Pho book, which bears the same name as their restaurant, is not only about an adventurous enterprise, but also gives expedient advice embarking on a gastro-startup. In addition to this, the book is filled with great recipes, not only from Asia, but from other parts of the world where Éva and András have visited. ISBN: 978-615-5417-09-2 Year of publication: 2015 Cover: paperback Number of Pages: 224 Size (mm): 210x245 Weight (g): 718 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Janits-Szabó Virág Örömfőzés
Virág Janits-Szabó: Pleasure Cooking
Buddhas in the kitchen The author of Pleasure Cooking is a well-known urban yogi who believes that cooking, serving and the nourishment of the family are the perfect ways to live through our inner harmony – not to mention that eating delicious food is a pleasure. This book however is not an esoteric work, rather it is an interesting combination of great dishes, herbs, colors, tastes, energies, surprising ideas and simple meditation exercises into a piquant cookbook. The recipes, herb guides and spiritual exercises of the thematic chapters gives a hint to the readers on how to live through these feelings by cooking. ISBN: 978-615-5417-03-0 Year of publication: 2015 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 200 Size (mm): 205x240 Weight (g): 990 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Bede Anna: Vegasztrománia (2. kiadás)
Anna Bede: Vegastronomy (4th edition)
Life over grilled cheese It is always interesting when a blogger writes a book: if it ends up well, the book is light, cheerful and has a personal tone as in the blog. Anna Bede does’t want to convince anyone, she simply intends to show how substantial and a delicious certain dishes could be even without meat. She wants to dissolve the misbelief that vegetarian cuisine means an infinite number of dull variaties of steamed vegetables, and she does this properly written form with thrilling recipes. To make the blog parallel more obviousm the recipes and the photos are illustrated with playful drawings of the young illustrator Kata Moravszki. ISBN: 978-615-5417-14-6 Year of publication: 2015 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 192 Size (mm): 210x245 Weight (g): 790 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Ernyey Béla – Balaton Dóra Ünnepek és hétköznapok
Béla Ernyey – Dóra Balaton: Feasts and weekdays
For festive carousers and Wednesday snackers The notorious gourmand actor and writer Béla Ernyey has already proved in his former books and cooking programmes that he loves not only eating but cooking - and he makes it very well. His first cookbook is a hommage to his grandmother beacuse Béla Ernyey publishes the family recipes she left him in a form of grandiose, festive menus. Besides the bellyful dishes he didn’t forget about weekdays - in this cookbook written together with his wife they offer useful recipes for fussy weekdays too. ISBN: 978-963-8894-25-0 Year of publication: 2011 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 240 Size (mm): 240x285 Weight (g): 1525 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Tamás Bereznay - Hungarian Cookbook
Tamás Bereznay: Hungarian Cookbook
For foreigner fans of the Hungatian cuisine We admit that Tamás Bereznay is biased, but what else could a Hungarian master chef say about Hungarian cuisine other than it’s being exciting, diverse and delicious. Fortunately, not only does he claim it, he also proves it in his book, that represents the classic dishes of Hungarian cuisine in an initiated way. Hungarian Cookbook is also special because its food selection involves the typical Hungarian gastronomy, so the reader could get to know the simple Hungarian native dishes as well as the popular local streetfood and those dishes that appear every day on tables of Hungarian families. ISBN: 978-963-8938-23-7 Year of publication: 2012 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 224 Size (mm): 190x255 Weight (g): 785 Language: english
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Sale! Segal Viktor Ízek és formák
Viktor Segal Tastes and shapes
Roaming in the realm of the senses The second book of Viktor Segal sorts brand new recipes by culinary occasions instead of ingredients. Dishes are compiled for being recent and special on their own but being perfect only together, combined with each other for the occasion, could it be a family lunch, a barbecue or an average dinner. In this intensive, more colorful volume following the first Segal cookbook’s traditions Viktor Segal offers 75 brand new recpies for gourmands. ISBN: 978-963-8894-29-8 Year of publication: 2011 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 256 Size (mm): 220x280 Weight (g): 1350 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Bereznay Tamás Főzni gyerekjáték
Tamás Bereznay: Cooking is a piece of cake
Well-tried recipes for hurried mothers What shall I cook? Millions of housewives ask herself each day. What shall I cook that is quick, cheap, fine and my kids will eat? What shall I cook that is healthy? In Tamás Bereznay’s offer the majority of the delicious dishes can be made quickly in the evenings. The children will love the tastes and the curiosity. There is an extra chapter in the book in which we got the answer for our questions such as why fluid intake is important, in what we can find enough iron or why frying in oil is healthy. ISBN: 978-963-8894-26-7 Year of publication: 2011 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 144 Size (mm): 190x255 Weight (g): 765 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Bede Róbert - Serényi Zsolt Receptdaráló Újdonságok a tévés kulisszák mögül
Róbert Bede – Zsolt Serényi: Recipe Grinder
News behind the scenes It is not accidental that the show of Róbert Bede and Zsolt Serényi has been broadcasted with a huge success for ages at Paprika TV. The recipes of the two popular cooks are creative and easy to make - and their show doesn’t lack the celebrities and the laugh. They share more than 60 recipes mostly never seen before with the readers in the cookbook based on the spirit of the Recipe Grinder. Recipes are cathegorized in four chapters by the publisher so you can easily find the cheap, the healthy, the fast and the savoury dishes. ISBN: 978-963-8894-28-1 Year of publication: 2011 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 160 Size (mm): 235x235 Weight (g): 870 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Bereznay Tamás Németország ízei
Tamás Bereznay: Flavors of Germany
Gastro trip from Saxony to Rhineland The third cookbook of Tamás Bereznay was published at the Boook Publishing House in 2010. The Flavors of Germany is a special mixture - it is a guidebook and cookbook together. It contains 16 chapters, each of them presents a German province with its characteristics. The amusing descriptions are followed by recipes interpreted traditionally by Tamás Bereznay. It is no secret - the cookbook aims at promoting German cuisine for readers open for gastronomic peculiarities. ISBN: 978-963-0686-62-4 Year of publication: 2010 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 256 Size (mm): 195x255 Weight (g): 900 Language: hungarian
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