Bede Róbert - Serényi Zsolt Receptdaráló Újdonságok a tévés kulisszák mögül
Róbert Bede – Zsolt Serényi: Recipe Grinder
News behind the scenes It is not accidental that the show of Róbert Bede and Zsolt Serényi has been broadcasted with a huge success for ages at Paprika TV. The recipes of the two popular cooks are creative and easy to make - and their show doesn’t lack the celebrities and the laugh. They share more than 60 recipes mostly never seen before with the readers in the cookbook based on the spirit of the Recipe Grinder. Recipes are cathegorized in four chapters by the publisher so you can easily find the cheap, the healthy, the fast and the savoury dishes. ISBN: 978-963-8894-28-1 Year of publication: 2011 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 160 Size (mm): 235x235 Weight (g): 870 Language: hungarian
store price: 3790 Ft
online price: 590 Ft
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Szatmári Gergely Meadowlands
Gergely Szatmári Meadowlands
Photos for words In December 2011 Boook Publishing House published its first book of non gastronomy topic. The Meadowland is a photo album presenting a special collection of photographer Gergely Szatmári - the documentation of the area between the middle class agglomeration of New Jersey and glittering New York. ISBN: 978-963-8938-21-3 Year of publication: 2011 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 112 Size (mm): 295x260 Weight (g): 1050 Language: hungarian
store price: 7990 Ft
online price: 4990 Ft
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