Sale! Segal Viktor Ízek és formák
Viktor Segal Tastes and shapes
Roaming in the realm of the senses The second book of Viktor Segal sorts brand new recipes by culinary occasions instead of ingredients. Dishes are compiled for being recent and special on their own but being perfect only together, combined with each other for the occasion, could it be a family lunch, a barbecue or an average dinner. In this intensive, more colorful volume following the first Segal cookbook’s traditions Viktor Segal offers 75 brand new recpies for gourmands. ISBN: 978-963-8894-29-8 Year of publication: 2011 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 256 Size (mm): 220x280 Weight (g): 1350 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Bereznay Tamás Főzni gyerekjáték
Tamás Bereznay: Cooking is a piece of cake
Well-tried recipes for hurried mothers What shall I cook? Millions of housewives ask herself each day. What shall I cook that is quick, cheap, fine and my kids will eat? What shall I cook that is healthy? In Tamás Bereznay’s offer the majority of the delicious dishes can be made quickly in the evenings. The children will love the tastes and the curiosity. There is an extra chapter in the book in which we got the answer for our questions such as why fluid intake is important, in what we can find enough iron or why frying in oil is healthy. ISBN: 978-963-8894-26-7 Year of publication: 2011 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 144 Size (mm): 190x255 Weight (g): 765 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Bede Róbert - Serényi Zsolt Receptdaráló Újdonságok a tévés kulisszák mögül
Róbert Bede – Zsolt Serényi: Recipe Grinder
News behind the scenes It is not accidental that the show of Róbert Bede and Zsolt Serényi has been broadcasted with a huge success for ages at Paprika TV. The recipes of the two popular cooks are creative and easy to make - and their show doesn’t lack the celebrities and the laugh. They share more than 60 recipes mostly never seen before with the readers in the cookbook based on the spirit of the Recipe Grinder. Recipes are cathegorized in four chapters by the publisher so you can easily find the cheap, the healthy, the fast and the savoury dishes. ISBN: 978-963-8894-28-1 Year of publication: 2011 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 160 Size (mm): 235x235 Weight (g): 870 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Bereznay Tamás Németország ízei
Tamás Bereznay: Flavors of Germany
Gastro trip from Saxony to Rhineland The third cookbook of Tamás Bereznay was published at the Boook Publishing House in 2010. The Flavors of Germany is a special mixture - it is a guidebook and cookbook together. It contains 16 chapters, each of them presents a German province with its characteristics. The amusing descriptions are followed by recipes interpreted traditionally by Tamás Bereznay. It is no secret - the cookbook aims at promoting German cuisine for readers open for gastronomic peculiarities. ISBN: 978-963-0686-62-4 Year of publication: 2010 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 256 Size (mm): 195x255 Weight (g): 900 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Aczél Miksa - American Bar / Útmutató az amerikai hüsitő és hevitő italok készítéséhez
Miksa Aczél American Bar
How to make American cooling and heating drinks? Could it be a problem if a devoted hotel manager and host is enthusiastic over cocktails? I don’t think so. Miksa Aczél was an icon in the 19th century café culture and he wrote his book in 1899 in so modern manner that it seems to be fresh and up-to-date even today. The reprint covered by leatherette got surprises even for the modern cocktail lovers and it is definitely good to read. The book is compiled by Lilla Kocsis and Zoltán Nagy, the owners of the world-known Boutiq’Bar and completed by an exclusive DVD which contains 21 short films and the recipes and photos of the 182 cocktails in the book. ISBN: 978-963-0808-53-8 Year of publication: 2011 Cover: hardcover , artificial leather binding Number of Pages: 142 Size (mm): 145x200 Weight (g): 300 Language: hungarian
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Sale! 500 tipp takarékos háziasszonyoknak
500 tips / For frugal housewives
Together with the 234 cheap dishes this book shows a brand new direction amongst the issues of the Boook Publishing House. As we became accustomed, the cookbook offers a delicate content in a useful, small volume, giving advice in the field of household, cooking and decoration. The reader will find a great many tips how to decorate the flat for Christmas with almost no money; how to make handmade presents for friends and family; how to save money on electricity costs, clothing, cleaning and shopping, such as the simply question how to spare on stocks, time - and money, of course. ISBN: 978-963-8938-25-1 Year of publication: 2012 Cover: paperback Number of Pages: 192 Size (mm): 165x235 Weight (g): 400 Language: hungarian
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Sale! 234 olcsó étel takarékos háziasszonyoknak
234 cheap dishes / For frugal housewives
This cookbook gives down-to-earth tips how to cook delicious and varied foods of low budget. The book has tematic parts following the Hungarian menu traditions: there are separate chapters for starters, soups, main dishes, side dishes and desserts. A new and practical idea of the book that it has a separate chapter about recycling of the leftovers, such as pastas, rice, smashed potato and Christmas cakes. ISBN: 978-963-8938-24-4 Year of publication: 2012 Cover: paperback Number of Pages: 192 Size (mm): 165x235 Weight (g): 400 Language: hungarian
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