Sale! Dóri Kiss: My gluten-free life
Dóri Kiss: My gluten-free life
In August 2012, Dóri Kiss launched a blog called Gluten-free life in order to fill a gap and help her fellow gluten intolerance sufferers with her knowledge, successes and failures. The page now has tens of thousands of followers. The blogger’s first book, My gluten-free life, shares her experiences and the lessons learnt from her struggle with the disease over the last five years with readers and is intersperced with 35 carefully selected gluten-free recipes for any everyday or special occasion. Whether it be a normal working day, Christmas or summer buffet party near inviting water, Dóri tells you how to bake gluten-free baguettes, star-shaped walnut buns and rice-flour foccaccia. It also turns out that you can conjure up fluffy potato scones or fruity cheesecake for your guests in just a few minutes. They may not be gluten-sensitive, but all the more hungry. ISBN: 978-615-5417-36-8 Year of publication: 2017 Cover: paperback Number of Pages: 200 Size (mm): 205x240 Weight (g): 600 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Rita Hadarik: Gluten free
Rita Hadarik: Gluten free
A new book has been published as part of the health-conscious series of Boook Publisher which puts the gluten-free diet and lifestyle into the limelight. The author, Rita Hadarik, blogger of Rita konyhája (Rita’s Cuisine) and developer of gluten-free flour. She now presents exciting new ways to learn the basics of a gluten-free kitchen. Our book, “Glutén nélkül” (“Gluten Free“), includes “plenty of delicious meals from traditional and successful recipes so the reader can indulge in the health-conscious basics of nutrition”. The 80 recipes, divided into different meal categories, could not only mean an alternative for  planning the everyday dining for people with gluten sensitivity, but could also mean inspiration for those who strive to have a well-balanced diet. Even though, he primary message of the book is the harmonic organization of gluten-free nutrition, we also indicate the other allergens and calculation of nutritional values. Another special feature of the book is that it focuses on the psychological aspects of gluten sensitivity and it aims to help with accepting difficult life circumstances due to gluten intolerance.   ISBN: 978-615-5417-28-3 Year of publication: 2016 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 192 Size (mm): 195x250 Weight (g): 600 Language: hungarian
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