Sixteen popular Hungarian artists, 16 restaurants and 16 gourmet vegetarian recipes. Anna Bede, with three years’ success as the author of Vegasztronománia now talks to actors, singers, writers, media figures and chefs about the vegetarian way of living. The interviewees discuss why – or simply why not – they cut meat out of their diets and how this shapes their lives, health and energy. Numerous interesting things emerged in the friendly, informal Vegetarian Budapest conversations. In addition, everybody tells us about their favourite restaurant, which provides the recipe for one of their meat-free dishes. Interviewees: Tamás Bereznay, Péter Dorogi, Juli Fábián, Péter Gusztos, Veronika Harcsa, Géza D Hegedűs, Csaba Herczeg, Orsolya Karafiáth, Patrícia Kovács, Gergely Németh, Anna Oláh, Miklós Paizs, Bori Péterfy, Johanna Rieger, Kristóf Steiner and, of course, Anna Bede. ISBN:978-615-5417-22-1 Year of publication: 2016 Cover: open spine binding, cardboard cover Number of Pages: 168 Size (mm): 250x240 Weight (g): 600 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Janits-Szabó Virág Örömfőzés
Virág Janits-Szabó: Pleasure Cooking
Buddhas in the kitchen The author of Pleasure Cooking is a well-known urban yogi who believes that cooking, serving and the nourishment of the family are the perfect ways to live through our inner harmony – not to mention that eating delicious food is a pleasure. This book however is not an esoteric work, rather it is an interesting combination of great dishes, herbs, colors, tastes, energies, surprising ideas and simple meditation exercises into a piquant cookbook. The recipes, herb guides and spiritual exercises of the thematic chapters gives a hint to the readers on how to live through these feelings by cooking. ISBN: 978-615-5417-03-0 Year of publication: 2015 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 200 Size (mm): 205x240 Weight (g): 990 Language: hungarian
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