Sale! Szabolcs-Gyuris Éva – Szabolcs András: Fánki Főö
András Szabolcs – Éva Gyuris-Szabolcs: Funky Pho
Funky what...? The adventure of a young married couple, who return to Hungary after many years of globetrotting, to open a Vietnamese restaurant in the heart of Budapest. It causes some difficulty that they’ve only been guests at restaurants, that Vietnamese dishes are unknown in Hungary, and that their baby was born in the very middle of building their business. However the Funky Pho book, which bears the same name as their restaurant, is not only about an adventurous enterprise, but also gives expedient advice embarking on a gastro-startup. In addition to this, the book is filled with great recipes, not only from Asia, but from other parts of the world where Éva and András have visited. ISBN: 978-615-5417-09-2 Year of publication: 2015 Cover: paperback Number of Pages: 224 Size (mm): 210x245 Weight (g): 718 Language: hungarian
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