• I’m incredibly sweet-toothed, and since I couldn’t find any cakes at pastry shops and my mom couldn’t cook, I started to take care of things myself; this is how my confectionery came to be.
  • I’m constantly thinking of eating, especially when I’m on a diet.
  • I’m in search for a hobby, for my hobby became my profession.
  • The ideal moment for me: I’m baking in the kitchen, my husband makes coffee on the counter and our kids are eating homemade ice-cream sitting on the grass of the Millenáris park.
  • When I’m not standing and baking, I’m sitting and reading.

Sale! Szonja Márk: Make jams and bake
Szonja Márk: Make jams and bake
You don’t have to be a grandma to prepare jam for the winter. There’s no need for tons of crops, several weeks of leave, or a Nobel Prize in Chemistry. If you’ve got nice, fresh fruit, then the fun can begin. Prepare jams so when the summer is over, you’ll have something to enhance your cakes with and to show your friends and family how addictive jam-making can be. Szonja Márk is the confectioner of the Édesem patisserie and the author of the popular Édesem süteményei (Cakes from the Édesem patisserie) book that was published last year by Boook Publishing. In her latest book, she proves that there is more to jam than putting it on bread; you can easily bake a variety of exciting cakes, pies and biscuits. In the book there are 10 different fruit jams and 30 related pastry recipes, waiting for you to bake them. ISBN: 978-615-5417-30-6 Year of publication: 2017 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 128 Size (mm): 145x195 Weight (g): 600 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Szonja Márk: Cakes from the Édesem patisserie
Szonja Márk: Cakes from the Édesem patisserie
Cakes, cheesecakes, brownies, pastries, cakes and ice creams – 60 seriously modern homemade desserts, sometimes served with a twist. The caramel weeps, the chocolate melts, the whipped cream slowly collapses, the cake is moist and the meringues crack. Can you feel the warmth of home, as if you were just going into your granny’s kitchen, with the aromas and flavours you know well? Wait a minute! When would you make a pie with olive oil, tarts with mascarpone or chocolate puffs with Chinese five spice? Proven recipes from the Édesem patisserie that have been tried and tested hundreds of times, which work well and are easy to make at home, from quick to slow, from beginner to advanced. Everything prepared with high-quality ingredients, fresh fruit, real chocolate, butter and cream. No food colouring or artificial additives!   ISBN: 978-615-5417-26-9 Year of publication: 2016 Cover: Geltex Number of Pages: 184 Size (mm): 195x235 Weight (g): 600 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Szonja Márk: Sweet gifts
Szonja Márk: Sweet gifts

You don’t have to cause havoc in the kitchen or trail around dozens of shops to surprise your friends with special delicacies. You can also make creative gifts with your own hands from just a few ingenuous materials, without spending hours, without any great expertise, and in just a few moves.

Szonja Márk, the owner of Édesem (Sweetheart) confectioners has written 41 delicious recipes for sweet gifts you can create at home in her latest idea and recipe collection, the second part of the Sweetheart series, so now nobody has any excuse for turning up unprepared at any celebration at any time of year.

ISBN: 978-615-5417-37-5 Year of publication: 2017 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 128 Size (mm): 145×195 Weight (g): 600 Language: hungarian

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