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Zita Nagy: What should vegetarian children eat?

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Excellent, healthy, complete and varied nourishment exists within the plant-based diet.

For those who have made some steps towards the health conscious and vegetarian diet, it is also important what their family consumes – they need to be able to provide the adequate nutrition for their growing children. Zita Nagy, writer of “Vegán reggeli” (Vegan Breakfast), provides answers for this question in her new book – the latest member of the health conscious series of Boook Publishing  – as she describes vegan nourishment in a diet made especially for children.

Over 60 tested recipes, collected from the author’s everyday routine, are made exclusively from natural plant-based ingredients (vegetables, fruits, grains and seeds). They do not contain any ingredients of animal origin (dairy products, eggs, honey, fish or meat) and can be an excellent guideline for vegetarians, vegans, or for people with an interest in plant-based meals. Furthermore, other recipes in the book are useful sources for people with gluten-free or sugar-free dietary restrictions, each recipe also indicates the potential allergens as well.



ISBN: 978-615-5417-29-0
Year of publication: 2017
Cover: flexible
Number of Pages: 160
Size (mm): 165×210
Weight (g): 743
Language: hungarian


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