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Tamás Bereznay: One-pan recipes

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What do you need to make something quick and delicious, and in one frying pan?
You certainly need a professional frying pan, a chopping board, a knife, and last but not least, 50 mouth-watering recipes created by Tamás Bereznay, BOOOK Publishing’s gastronomic supervisor, host of the TV show ‘Butchers’ and author of many internationally acclaimed cookbooks.
Whether you’re a hesitant beginner or very advanced in the kitchen, swear by traditional fare or more modern cuisine, the Hungarian chef’s latest book contains both easy-to-make, cool dishes designed to please men and more homely dishes, perfect for welcoming guests. The recipes also feature enticing photos of the dishes.
If you are a little uncertain about cooking, this book is still the perfect addition to your shelf. Finally, the author advises you on how to make cooking practical and enjoyable – even with just one frying pan.

ISBN: 978-615-5417-34-4
Kiadási év: 2017
Kötés típusa: paperback
Terjedelem (oldal): 112
Méret (mm): 210×245
Tömeg (g): 500
Nyelv:  hungarian

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