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Tamás Bereznay: Hungarian Dessert Book

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Voila, here is an authentic cookbook in English focusing the desserts, the field that is more and more interesting amongst the fans of the Hungarian cuisine. Hungarian Dessert Book is a real delicatesse: it offers 75 beautifully illustrated recipes on 176 pages, and 20% of them will be warm dessert typical for Hungary. Tamás Bereznay pays attention to working with Hungarian ingredients that are specials but in the meantime that can be purchased all over Europe. Those who are curious what a Hungarian housewife makes of poppy seeds, nuts or cottage cheese will be surprised while turning the pages of the Hungarian Dessert Book. Tamás Bereznay’s popular book had two editions and won the Best Chef Book in Hungary 2016 of the Gourmand World Cookbook Award.

ISBN: 978-615-5417-17-7
Year of publication: 2016
Cover: hardcover
Number of Pages: 160
Size (mm): 190×245
Weight (g): 600
Language: english

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