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Tamás Bereznay: Hungarian Cookbook

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For foreigner fans of the Hungatian cuisine

We admit that Tamás Bereznay is biased, but what else could a Hungarian master chef say about Hungarian cuisine other than it’s being exciting, diverse and delicious. Fortunately, not only does he claim it, he also proves it in his book, that represents the classic dishes of Hungarian cuisine in an initiated way. Hungarian Cookbook is also special because its food selection involves the typical Hungarian gastronomy, so the reader could get to know the simple Hungarian native dishes as well as the popular local streetfood and those dishes that appear every day on tables of Hungarian families.

ISBN: 978-963-8938-23-7
Year of publication: 2012
Cover: hardcover
Number of Pages: 224
Size (mm): 190×255
Weight (g): 785
Language: english

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