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Tamás Bereznay: Cooking is a piece of cake

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Well-tried recipes for hurried mothers

What shall I cook? Millions of housewives ask herself each day. What shall I cook that is quick, cheap, fine and my kids will eat? What shall I cook that is healthy? In Tamás Bereznay’s offer the majority of the delicious dishes can be made quickly in the evenings. The children will love the tastes and the curiosity. There is an extra chapter in the book in which we got the answer for our questions such as why fluid intake is important, in what we can find enough iron or why frying in oil is healthy.

ISBN: 978-963-8894-26-7
Year of publication: 2011
Cover: hardcover
Number of Pages: 144
Size (mm): 190×255
Weight (g): 765
Language: hungarian

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