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Szilvia Déri: Leaven on an adventure

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Szilvia Déri: Leaven on an adventure

All natural types of bread, salty and sweet cakes.
Baking with leaven is an adventure, but why? Because leaven is to be fed, taken care of and loved. Szilvia Déri does not only tell us why leavened breads are healthier than their retail counterparts, but she shares her favorite recipes with the readers, including dried fig bread, Japanese milk bread, bagel, and leavened waffles. Pick up your copy of this collection of cool leavened recipes and set off on your own adventure to slice off a piece from your own bread.

Szilvia is a baker to the core. She cares for her leaven like she is raising a baby alien in her kitchen. It’s a good idea to take a peak at her practices, and spread the word about leaven, so more and more people can eat fine bread.


ISBN: 978-615-5417-50-4
Date of publication: 2019.04.26.
Language: englishElőr

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