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Ráchel Rácz: Timeless

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Ráhel Rácz: Timeless

To what extent could the most heart-felt intimacy be exposed to a historical context? How do collective traumas, hiding in the subconscious, effect the Y generation of our society today? As a historical fantasy, Timeless takes place between 1900 and the present days, portraying never aging characters in context of the different eras of the last century. Along the lines of the love triangle between Natasa, Artúr and Kornél, we experience fragments of the happy times of peace, 1918, the 30’s, The Arrow Cross government of 1944, the first half of the 50’s, the gulash communism, the 90’s and the online world of present days.


ISBN: 978-615-5417-49-8
Year of publication: 2018
Number of Pages: 116
Language: hungarian

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