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Miksa Aczél American Bar

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How to make American cooling and heating drinks?

Could it be a problem if a devoted hotel manager and host is enthusiastic over cocktails? I don’t think so. Miksa Aczél was an icon in the 19th century café culture and he wrote his book in 1899 in so modern manner that it seems to be fresh and up-to-date even today. The reprint covered by leatherette got surprises even for the modern cocktail lovers and it is definitely good to read. The book is compiled by Lilla Kocsis and Zoltán Nagy, the owners of the world-known Boutiq’Bar and completed by an exclusive DVD which contains 21 short films and the recipes and photos of the 182 cocktails in the book.

ISBN: 978-963-0808-53-8
Year of publication: 2011
Cover: hardcover , artificial leather binding
Number of Pages: 142
Size (mm): 145×200
Weight (g): 300
Language: hungarian

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