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Magunam Maha: You and enlightenment

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“You and the Enlightenment” („Te és a Megvilágosodás”), the first part of the Urban Yogi book series by Hungarian enlightenment-teacher Maha Magunam is guide to enlightenment, written in plain language with modern perspective. This book fills a gap in the topic for those who are interested in finding themselves despite the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The book – answering important inner issues – is divided into four chapters and a glossary. Teachings, based on ancient tradition, are delivered to the reader through a wise and witty dialogue of master and disciple, spiced with realistic examples. The book contains an in-depth interview with the author and dozens of illustrations.

The author, dr. László Janits Magunam or Maha Magunam, has been educated in Buddhist teachings and has devoted his life to spiritual self-realization since his adolescence.

The enlightenment-teacher, toughened by long-term retreats and Asian journeys, lives in Budapest with his family.

Together with his wife, Virág, who is also a Tibetologist and teacher, they created the Urban Yogi lifestyle that has thousands of disciples, and its aim is to let anyone experience liberation that comes with inner-harmony without having to go on a retreat. Magunam’s first book provides lifelong guidance for not only his pupils, but for those people who – during spiritual quest – find credibility, freedom and inspiring, dogma-free thoughts important in any life situation.



ISBN: 978-615-5417-20-7
Year of publication: 2017
Cover: flexible
Number of Pages: 304
Size (mm): 130×195
Weight (g): 675
Language: hungarian

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