The great DIY book

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You can do it as well!


21 creative ideas, 21 personal interpretations and 21 bloggers who inspire their followers as a daily routine, in the field of home decoration. A fascinating book that leads the readers hand and guides him through the process of creation, encouraging him to grab a brush, a pair of scissors, a hammer or a drill, to create something original and unique. The content consists of tutorials, hints and useful information for devotees of unusual solutions, and for those to whom creation is revitalization, a playful adventure and a joyous challenge. The most important message of this book is that „You can do it as well!”

ISBN: 978-615-5417-12-2
Year of publication: 2015
Cover: hardcover
Number of Pages: 180
Size (mm): 185×255
Weight (g): 665
Language: hungarian


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