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Eszter Török: Goodbye sugar, goodbye white flour!

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Highly recommended in case of insulin resistance, PCOS and diabetes


Carbohydrates are not evil contructions but we have to be careful of “when”, “how much” and “what type”. Besides discomfort and bad concentration, inappropriate nutrition can also cause insulin resistance (50% of Hungary’s population suffers from that disease) which is the introduction of the diabetes. One of five Hungarian woman is diagnosed with PCOS which is the main cause of infertility and which is closely related to insulin resistance.

Eszter Török compiled a useful cookbook based on her own experiences and knowledge as a nutritionist. Following her instructions it will be easy to eat healthily, balance blood sugar and intake the correct quantity and quality of carbohydrate. Due to these deliberate recipes we don’t have to bother about matching ingredients. One portion of each contains a perfect balance of all nutrient. One of the biggest advantage of the book is simplicity. The photos show the correct quantity of food for one person so we don’t have to measure them at serving. A nutritionist has been composing diets for many years. We are sure that she offers a delicate, variable and healthy choice for anybody who cares about healthy eating.

ISBN: 978-615-5417-10-8
Year of publication: 2015
Cover: paperback
Number of Pages: 176
Size (mm): 200×210
Weight (g): 611
Language: hungarian

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