dr. Nóra Andrási Free of everything

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After the bestsellers ‘Goodbye sugar, goodbye white flour!’ and ‘Goodbye lactose!’ the Boook Publishing House released its third volume of the health consious set, the ‘Free of everything’, written by dr. Nóra Andrási, pharmacist, research scientist, writer of the ‘Nóri’s cuisine free of everything’ blog.

Today we are more and more informed how everyday nutrition and lifestyle influences our health; the number of people following a diet free of a special ingredient, etc. is increasing. But in favour of the complete nutrition it is not all the same with what and how we replace the ingredients.

This original collection contains 70 recipes, all of them fits into a diet free of sugar, gluten, dairy product and egg. They can be a part of a 160 grams of carbohydrates per day diet and they are vegan as well. ‘Free of everything’ doesn’t mean they lack flavors, tastes or healthy ingredients. On the contrary, the focus is on the richness of dishes, recommending complete, nutritious ingredients.

After her former unhelathy lifestyle the author tried everything bodily and lives a more complete life of higher quality. This book based on her experiences is written for everybody who wants to be creative in the kitchen with enjoyment and with no risk, and who wants to live a healthy, active life without the problems caused by food intolerancy.

Year of publication: 2016
Cover: hardcover
Number of Pages: 160
Size (mm): 195×250
Weight (g): 600
Language: hungarian

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