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Dóri Kiss: Gluten- and lactose free basics

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The first book of Dóri Kiss, My life gluten-free, provides an enormous amount of help for gluten intolerants like herself. Her recipes are popular for they are easy to make and everything tastes delicious – even gluten-free. In her newest book, Gluten- and lactose free basics, she provides a solution for both celiac disease and the lactose – intolerancy that follows. She presents a colorful palette of alternative ingredients fitting for both diets, and practices for making good use of them, cooking delicious meals even while being bound by strict rules.

This time, the popular blogger offers 77 recipes for the reader, most of which are based on traditional Hungarian meals from the Schnitzel to the Goulash, all gluten-, lactose-, or even completely dairy-free. In addition to breakfasts, elevenses, soups, meats and vegetarian dishes, she includes breads, pastries and mouth-watering desserts too, from which the reader can easily compose a wide variety of menus in advance for weeks.

ISBN: 978-615-5417-35-1
Year of publication: 2019 június 20.
Number of Pages: 192
Language: hungarian

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