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Dávid Vári: The Encyclopedia of hungarian game gastronomy

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Dávid Vári: The Encyclopedia of hungarian game gastronomy

Bravery begins on the plate.

Since ancient times, humans have hunted to eat their prey. Dávid Vári had started roaming the forest in his childhood, tracking game passionately. The young, but already experienced hunter slowly learned the ins and outs of the trade blessed by the goddess Diana.
In the same time, he also has acquired the skills necessary to prepare meals from both small and big game, and now, he showcases his masterfully crafted recipes to the wide audience. He delights in the challenge of creating a harmony using different kinds of meat and flavors, while sneaking the characteristics and traditions into the process; just like a painter matches colors, or a composer unites rhythm and tone

In his book, he presents 89 mouthwatering recipes, all of which are made from different game: moufflon, dove, badger and boar, just to name a few. And in the same time, we get to know the animals in the game bag through the perspective of a true huntsman.


ISBN: 978-615-5417-46-7
Date of publication: 2019.04.17.
Language: englishElőrendelem

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