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Borbála Kollár – Franciska Kollár: Inspiration, naturally

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The two authors have put an unusual lifestyle guide into the hands of the readers. Borbála Kollár and Franciska Kollár not only share creative ideas, but also important awareness-raising thoughts; their main goal is to inspire others through their own examples to find their creativity too, that is, also on their own. The book both delights and inspires, as well as offering support to anyone wishing to create a self-created, stylish environment around themselves. They help you master the most basic tricks of visual communication in a clear, enjoyable and easy way.

This book is not a lexicon, rather a useful object that its owner can turn to every day when they need a little inspiration. You’ll find wonderful, clear pictures, peaceful spaces, breath-taking Hungarian landscapes – nature’s beautiful details, both inside and out. And lots of useful ideas. Anyone who would like to find their own style, anyone who wants to make their environment more personal and experience the unexpected, intangible joy of creation should grab it and lose themselves in it.

ISBN: 978-615-5417-33-7
Year of publication: 2017
Cover: hard board
Number of Pages: 256
Size (mm): 205×240
Weight (g): 600
Language: hungarian