Aviad Goz & B. Kim Barnes: Self-Navigation

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A Compass for Guiding Your Life and Career

Have you ever felt that your life heads the bad direction and you are not able or not brave enough to change though you know you should?


 Or you only feel that something’s wrong but can’t exactly say what do you want?


World-renowned experts of personal development evolved a simple but effective method by that people can take command of their lives.


The method called N.E.W.S.™ is a sort of inner navigation by that we can detect our desires, fears, strengths and decision making, and bearing them all in mind we rule our lives with awareness.


But where? Towards the success, of course – even that the meaning of this word is different for each people. Could success be wealth, a profession or experiencing the inner harmony.

The authors help in detecting and they give tips and tools for a succesfull navigation.

We can have a better, more productive, more exciting life and carreer by their advices.

ISBN: 978-615-5417-13-9
Year of publication: 2015
Cover: paperback
Terjedelem (oldal): 176
Size (mm): 130×195
Weight (g): 220
Language: hungarian

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