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Anna Bede: Vegastronomy (4th edition)

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Life over grilled cheese

It is always interesting when a blogger writes a book: if it ends up well, the book is light, cheerful and has a personal tone as in the blog. Anna Bede does’t want to convince anyone, she simply intends to show how substantial and a delicious certain dishes could be even without meat. She wants to dissolve the misbelief that vegetarian cuisine means an infinite number of dull variaties of steamed vegetables, and she does this properly written form with thrilling recipes. To make the blog parallel more obviousm the recipes and the photos are illustrated with playful drawings of the young illustrator Kata Moravszki.

ISBN: 978-615-5417-14-6
Year of publication: 2015
Cover: hardcover
Number of Pages: 192
Size (mm): 210×245
Weight (g): 790
Language: hungarian

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