Sale! Borbála Kollár: Create Freely
Borbála Kollár: Create Freely
To create freely means to think, to make decisions and to act independently; to respect, love and value nature. The Borarti – Create Freely! initiative provides opportunities for both children and their parents to meld these values into an integral part of everyday life, representing them in individual pieces of art, for example plasticine figurines, painted stones or weaved plants. The leader of the programme and the author of this book believes that children need to be close to nature, and need an understanding family environment. And of course, they need a lot of space and encouragement to create freely, in order to find themselves in this achievement-oriented world and to dare pursuing their dreams. The book is a collection of 37 inspiring activities, which make a good use of recycled ingredients, household waste or treasures collected from nature. The book is for everyone, from toddlers to tweens, even to adults, for everything included can be created in every age, just a bit differently. May it occur at home, outside, on the road, with paint, clay, wood or textile, together or individually, the author guides the reader through her own experiences into a world of magical creation.   ISB: 978-615-5417-39-9 Weight (g): 1037 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Dóri Kiss: Gluten- and lactose free basics
Dóri Kiss: Gluten- and lactose free basics
The first book of Dóri Kiss, My life gluten-free, provides an enormous amount of help for gluten intolerants like herself. Her recipes are popular for they are easy to make and everything tastes delicious - even gluten-free. In her newest book, Gluten- and lactose free basics, she provides a solution for both celiac disease and the lactose - intolerancy that follows. She presents a colorful palette of alternative ingredients fitting for both diets, and practices for making good use of them, cooking delicious meals even while being bound by strict rules. This time, the popular blogger offers 77 recipes for the reader, most of which are based on traditional Hungarian meals from the Schnitzel to the Goulash, all gluten-, lactose-, or even completely dairy-free. In addition to breakfasts, elevenses, soups, meats and vegetarian dishes, she includes breads, pastries and mouth-watering desserts too, from which the reader can easily compose a wide variety of menus in advance for weeks. ISBN: 978-615-5417-35-1 Year of publication: 2019 június 20. Number of Pages: 192 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Rácz Ráchel: Időtlen
Ráchel Rácz: Timeless
Ráhel Rácz: Timeless To what extent could the most heart-felt intimacy be exposed to a historical context? How do collective traumas, hiding in the subconscious, effect the Y generation of our society today? As a historical fantasy, Timeless takes place between 1900 and the present days, portraying never aging characters in context of the different eras of the last century. Along the lines of the love triangle between Natasa, Artúr and Kornél, we experience fragments of the happy times of peace, 1918, the 30’s, The Arrow Cross government of 1944, the first half of the 50’s, the gulash communism, the 90’s and the online world of present days.   ISBN: 978-615-5417-49-8 Year of publication: 2018 Number of Pages: 116 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Mariann Beh: Kitchen of the Garden
Mariann Beh: Kitchen of the Garden
Mariann Beh: Kitchen of the Garden Mariann Beh always felt right at home in nature, so she became a horticulturist. In her own garden, she is showcasing the countless forms of using spices, herbs, edible wild plants and flowers in an original way. All of this is present and alive in the book, thanks to the extraordinary photographs of Lőrinc Szendeff. Mariann presents the cultivation process, the harvest, and procession of edible plants, writes about her handmade pesto, herb teas and shares 48 recipes based on the ingredients provided by the four seasons.
ISBN: 978-615-5417-41-2 Year of publication: 2018 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 234 Size (mm): 195x251 Weight (g):  866 Language: english  
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Sale! Bernáth József: Édes emlékek anyukámtól
József Bernáth: Sweet memories from my Mom
József Bernáth: Sweet memories from my Mom Most of the time, it’s harder to find reliable recipes for the easiest cakes. I was lucky, as my mother served freshly baked cakes with every lunch and passed on the recipes for her children too. With this book, I hope to provide some help for those without this privilege. In this book, I share 54 classic recipes of sweet and salty cakes, prepared just as we remember our Moms and Grandmas baking them. In addition, I will share some practical tips necessary to bake the perfect cakes. I trust every sweet-tooth and everyone hoping to recall the sweet memories of their childhood to make good use of this book.   ISBN: 978-615-5417-42-9 Year of publication: 2018 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 248 Size (mm): 193x244 Weight (g):  950 Language: englishElőrendel
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Sale! Dávid Vári: The Encyclopedia of hungarian game gastronomy
Dávid Vári: The Encyclopedia of hungarian game gastronomy
Dávid Vári: The Encyclopedia of hungarian game gastronomy Bravery begins on the plate. Since ancient times, humans have hunted to eat their prey. Dávid Vári had started roaming the forest in his childhood, tracking game passionately. The young, but already experienced hunter slowly learned the ins and outs of the trade blessed by the goddess Diana. In the same time, he also has acquired the skills necessary to prepare meals from both small and big game, and now, he showcases his masterfully crafted recipes to the wide audience. He delights in the challenge of creating a harmony using different kinds of meat and flavors, while sneaking the characteristics and traditions into the process; just like a painter matches colors, or a composer unites rhythm and tone In his book, he presents 89 mouthwatering recipes, all of which are made from different game: moufflon, dove, badger and boar, just to name a few. And in the same time, we get to know the animals in the game bag through the perspective of a true huntsman.   ISBN: 978-615-5417-46-7 Date of publication: 2019.04.17. Language: englishElőrendelem
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Sale! Szilvia Déri: Leaven on an adventure
Szilvia Déri: Leaven on an adventure
Szilvia Déri: Leaven on an adventure All natural types of bread, salty and sweet cakes. Baking with leaven is an adventure, but why? Because leaven is to be fed, taken care of and loved. Szilvia Déri does not only tell us why leavened breads are healthier than their retail counterparts, but she shares her favorite recipes with the readers, including dried fig bread, Japanese milk bread, bagel, and leavened waffles. Pick up your copy of this collection of cool leavened recipes and set off on your own adventure to slice off a piece from your own bread. Szilvia is a baker to the core. She cares for her leaven like she is raising a baby alien in her kitchen. It’s a good idea to take a peak at her practices, and spread the word about leaven, so more and more people can eat fine bread.   ISBN: 978-615-5417-50-4 Date of publication: 2019.04.26. Language: englishElőr
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Sale! Gastrock
Anita Fábián, Péter Pritz : GASTROCK (ENG)
BOOOK Publishing’s new release, GASTROCK is a three-in-one recipe book. It serves as a cookbook, an unorthodox rock encyclopedia and a graphic novel. Presented in a light and entertaining fashion, GASTROCK offers 30 original recipes, which were created with 27 internationally acclaimed rock bands and three very popular Hungarian bands in mind. Through various associations our writers came up with the dishes they thought would be the most suitable and representative of the bands in question. They picked an album by each featured band and outlined each step of preparation in the order of the track listings. As a result, we can cook while listening to great music and be done by the time the record is over. GASTROCK is illustrated with spectacular photos and artwork, which convey the essence of the bands and recordings featured in this book. This unconventional rock ‘n’ roll cookbook is structured much like a restaurant menu and contains a number of unusual dishes. For instance Iggy Pop’s Oriental DOGragout with Rice, AC/DC’s Black Snacks and Faith No More’s Flying Chicken, but the authors – Anita Fábián, who has cooked for the likes of Prince, Michael Jackson, Jan Garbarek and members of Guns N’ Roses; and Péter Pritz, journalist, translator and music editor – also thought it important to present starters, soups, main courses, vegetarian dishes and desserts that are not only creative and inventive but relatively easy to make. Let’s cook and roll! Full price: 22 EUR - 25 USD ISBN: 978-615-5417-47-4 Year of publication: 2018 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 199 Size (mm): 210x250 Weight (g):  900 Language: english
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Sale! Bereznay_Tamas_Egyserpenyos_receptek_borito_3D
Tamás Bereznay: One-pan recipes
What do you need to make something quick and delicious, and in one frying pan? You certainly need a professional frying pan, a chopping board, a knife, and last but not least, 50 mouth-watering recipes created by Tamás Bereznay, BOOOK Publishing’s gastronomic supervisor, host of the TV show ‘Butchers’ and author of many internationally acclaimed cookbooks. Whether you’re a hesitant beginner or very advanced in the kitchen, swear by traditional fare or more modern cuisine, the Hungarian chef’s latest book contains both easy-to-make, cool dishes designed to please men and more homely dishes, perfect for welcoming guests. The recipes also feature enticing photos of the dishes. If you are a little uncertain about cooking, this book is still the perfect addition to your shelf. Finally, the author advises you on how to make cooking practical and enjoyable – even with just one frying pan. ISBN: 978-615-5417-34-4 Kiadási év: 2017 Kötés típusa: paperback Terjedelem (oldal): 112 Méret (mm): 210x245 Tömeg (g): 500 Nyelv:  hungarian
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Sale! Judit Varga – Juditu: Decor.dream (szépséghibás!)
Judit Varga – Juditu: Decor.dream (szépséghibás!)
Judit Varga, decorator, interior designer and writer of the popular Juditu blog inspires her readers every day to alter and rejuvenate in their homes, fashion and lifestyle. Her creations reflect her cheerful personality and precise, engineering perspective. She never runs out of creative ideas! Her first book address women who delight in creating, in making their homes beautiful and in fashionable accessories made with their own hands, and those for whom it is important to always be unique and stylish. Even beginners can happily have a go at making the book’s 20 simple, decorative ideas, achievable in a couple of steps. However, the volume is more than just an DIY ideas manual. It’s rather a style guide, giving you insights into the Juditu world through advice, tips, personal stories, ambiance and inspirational photos as well as scene secrets. ISBN: 978-615-5417-32-0 Year of publication: 2017 Cover: hard board Number of Pages: 200 Size (mm): 185x240 Weight (g): 700 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Dóri Kiss: My gluten-free life
Dóri Kiss: My gluten-free life
In August 2012, Dóri Kiss launched a blog called Gluten-free life in order to fill a gap and help her fellow gluten intolerance sufferers with her knowledge, successes and failures. The page now has tens of thousands of followers. The blogger’s first book, My gluten-free life, shares her experiences and the lessons learnt from her struggle with the disease over the last five years with readers and is intersperced with 35 carefully selected gluten-free recipes for any everyday or special occasion. Whether it be a normal working day, Christmas or summer buffet party near inviting water, Dóri tells you how to bake gluten-free baguettes, star-shaped walnut buns and rice-flour foccaccia. It also turns out that you can conjure up fluffy potato scones or fruity cheesecake for your guests in just a few minutes. They may not be gluten-sensitive, but all the more hungry. ISBN: 978-615-5417-36-8 Year of publication: 2017 Cover: paperback Number of Pages: 200 Size (mm): 205x240 Weight (g): 600 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Szonja Márk: Sweet gifts
Szonja Márk: Sweet gifts

You don’t have to cause havoc in the kitchen or trail around dozens of shops to surprise your friends with special delicacies. You can also make creative gifts with your own hands from just a few ingenuous materials, without spending hours, without any great expertise, and in just a few moves.

Szonja Márk, the owner of Édesem (Sweetheart) confectioners has written 41 delicious recipes for sweet gifts you can create at home in her latest idea and recipe collection, the second part of the Sweetheart series, so now nobody has any excuse for turning up unprepared at any celebration at any time of year.

ISBN: 978-615-5417-37-5 Year of publication: 2017 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 128 Size (mm): 145×195 Weight (g): 600 Language: hungarian

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Sale! Borbála Kollár – Franciska Kollár: Inspiration, naturally
Borbála Kollár – Franciska Kollár: Inspiration, naturally

The two authors have put an unusual lifestyle guide into the hands of the readers. Borbála Kollár and Franciska Kollár not only share creative ideas, but also important awareness-raising thoughts; their main goal is to inspire others through their own examples to find their creativity too, that is, also on their own. The book both delights and inspires, as well as offering support to anyone wishing to create a self-created, stylish environment around themselves. They help you master the most basic tricks of visual communication in a clear, enjoyable and easy way.

This book is not a lexicon, rather a useful object that its owner can turn to every day when they need a little inspiration. You’ll find wonderful, clear pictures, peaceful spaces, breath-taking Hungarian landscapes – nature’s beautiful details, both inside and out. And lots of useful ideas. Anyone who would like to find their own style, anyone who wants to make their environment more personal and experience the unexpected, intangible joy of creation should grab it and lose themselves in it. ISBN: 978-615-5417-33-7 Year of publication: 2017 Cover: hard board Number of Pages: 256 Size (mm): 205x240 Weight (g): 600 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Dr. Nóra Andrási: Free of everything 2
Dr. Nóra Andrási: Free of everything 2
After the success and recognition from the audience for the first Free of everything book – crowned by two third place awards on the prestigious international competition, the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, in the diet books and the vegan books categories – the second volume continues to prove that Free of everything does not mean the absence of flavors, but indicates full value food, made from nourishing and healthy ingredients as a part of our everyday life. The author, originally a pharmacist and a researcher, dr. Nóra Andrási, the writer if Nóri’s free of everything cuisine blog, gathered 70 new recipes which can be integrated into sugar,- gluten,- dairy,- and egg free diets and also into the 160 g carbohydrates per day regimen. They include homemade pastries and vegan dairy products, easy to make, on the go snacks, main courses for weekdays and weekends, and also desserts. The complementary Free of everything cookbooks, based on true life experience, not only help those who have to banish specific ingredients and components but also enjoy creating risk-free meals in the kitchen. The recipes are intended to also inspire readers, who are luckily not affected by intolerances or insulin resistance, but want healthy, more conscious meals.   ISBN: 978-615-5417-31-3 Year of publication: 2017 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 160 Size (mm): 195×250 Weight (g): 600 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Szonja Márk: Make jams and bake
Szonja Márk: Make jams and bake
You don’t have to be a grandma to prepare jam for the winter. There’s no need for tons of crops, several weeks of leave, or a Nobel Prize in Chemistry. If you’ve got nice, fresh fruit, then the fun can begin. Prepare jams so when the summer is over, you’ll have something to enhance your cakes with and to show your friends and family how addictive jam-making can be. Szonja Márk is the confectioner of the Édesem patisserie and the author of the popular Édesem süteményei (Cakes from the Édesem patisserie) book that was published last year by Boook Publishing. In her latest book, she proves that there is more to jam than putting it on bread; you can easily bake a variety of exciting cakes, pies and biscuits. In the book there are 10 different fruit jams and 30 related pastry recipes, waiting for you to bake them. ISBN: 978-615-5417-30-6 Year of publication: 2017 Cover: hardcover Number of Pages: 128 Size (mm): 145x195 Weight (g): 600 Language: hungarian
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Sale! Magunam Maha: You and enlightenment
Magunam Maha: You and enlightenment
“You and the Enlightenment” („Te és a Megvilágosodás”), the first part of the Urban Yogi book series by Hungarian enlightenment-teacher Maha Magunam is guide to enlightenment, written in plain language with modern perspective. This book fills a gap in the topic for those who are interested in finding themselves despite the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The book – answering important inner issues – is divided into four chapters and a glossary. Teachings, based on ancient tradition, are delivered to the reader through a wise and witty dialogue of master and disciple, spiced with realistic examples. The book contains an in-depth interview with the author and dozens of illustrations. The author, dr. László Janits Magunam or Maha Magunam, has been educated in Buddhist teachings and has devoted his life to spiritual self-realization since his adolescence. The enlightenment-teacher, toughened by long-term retreats and Asian journeys, lives in Budapest with his family. Together with his wife, Virág, who is also a Tibetologist and teacher, they created the Urban Yogi lifestyle that has thousands of disciples, and its aim is to let anyone experience liberation that comes with inner-harmony without having to go on a retreat. Magunam’s first book provides lifelong guidance for not only his pupils, but for those people who – during spiritual quest – find credibility, freedom and inspiring, dogma-free thoughts important in any life situation.     ISBN: 978-615-5417-20-7 Year of publication: 2017 Cover: flexible Number of Pages: 304 Size (mm): 130x195 Weight (g): 675 Language: hungarian
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