• I run on solar power.
  • Even on my first trip abroad, I left the group to explore, causing a huge panic for my parents and the travelling agency.
  • I have tried doing a thousand different things: from enameling through zumba to flying small aircrafts; yet only travelling and blogging stayed with me.
  • I’m constantly searching for the place with the best chocolate roll.
  • My eternal love is New York.

Éva Kisgyörgy- Travellina: World traveller's handbook
Éva Kisgyörgy- Travellina: World traveller’s handbook
The World Traveller’s Handbook is a comprehensive, essential guide on how to explore the world – from weekend getaways to around the world trips, both for business and casual travellers. It covers step-by-step expert tips on the whole process of travel: Pre-trip planning (timing, solo or group, sources of information), organization (how to find best flight tickets, great hotel rooms and authentic restaurants), logistics (visas, finance, packing lists), on location considerations (ethical behavior, risk management), post-travel advices (how to avoid post-vacation blues and preserve memories) It has top tips and inspiring stories from an award winning travel writer who travelled in 112 countries over three decades. The book has a comprehensive listing of useful websites for each aspect of travel planning. It will help the readers venture out with confidence to discover the world and make the most out of their holidays.   ISBN: 978-615-5417-27-6 Year of publication: 2016 Cover: flexible Number of Pages: 183 Size (mm): 135x200 Weight (g): 600 Language: hungarian
store price: 3750 Ft
online price: 2250 Ft
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