Havas Dóra: Születéstől születésnapig Az első 12 hónap étrendje
Dóra Havas: From birth to birthday (2nd edition)
The arrival of a baby raises thousands of questions and the ones related to the feeding are the most important. When and with what shall we start complementary feeding? How can we introduce new tastes? What kind of cake shall we bake for the baby’s first birthday? How can we prevent our infant from obesity and food allergy? Dóra Havas’ book answers all questions. ’From birth to birthday’ is based on the author’s own experiences and she involved also Judit Schmidt dietician and Dr. Anna Miklós pediatrician, considering the hottest nutrition facts. You can find more than 100 recipes, tips and pieces of advice in this book which can be a real hand in complementary feeding for every new mothers. ’Lila Füge’ (Purple Fig), the first cookbook of Dóra Havas was published in 2011 and was a great success. The next was ’From birth to birthday’ in 2013 of which the second edition you are reading now. ISBN: 978-615-5417-15-3 Year of publication: 2016 Cover: flexible Number of Pages: 160 Size (mm): 165x210 Weight (g): 385 Language: hungarian
store price: 3990 Ft
online price: 3190 Ft
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